Leela Kunst - Beautiful, Colorful, Unique

My name is Jeannette, I’m an apprenticed potter who lives in a small village in southern Germany. I’ve been here since 2007 — came here for vacation after my studies and stayed because I met my German husband here! I was born in Hong Kong, but grew up in Vancouver, Canada. I have a bachelor degree in business but in the end I gave up this career path to pursue something that was closer to my heart: creativity and art.

• The Path to Ceramics •
In Germany I found a pottery workshop which offered me to do a traditional 3-year ceramic apprenticeship and I got to be very experienced on the pottery wheel. It was there that I first discovered the power of patterns on ceramics. During that time I was able to channel my creative ideas and express them in clay. Since 2017 I’ve been self-employed and I make my ceramics in my own studio in Wiggensbach, Germany.

• The Path to Henna •
During a trip to India I encountered henna for the first time and immediately fell in love with this art. I decided to it professionally and to combine its patterns with my ceramics. I learned the henna art myself.

LEELA [hindi]: divine play of the cosmos || KUNST [german]: art

My label Leela Kunst was created in 2017 and expresses my love to patterns, forms and colors. Have a look around and let yourself be inspired!

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