Welcome to my Webshop. Everything here is handmade by me in small, fine series. For more selection, please visit me at my markets or my store in Ermengerst.

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Horned Espresso Cups - Mini Viking Cups


These are handcrafted small Viking espresso cups made from dark stoneware clay. The horns are hand-sculpted and crafted so that they do not disturb the face while drinking. You can use them as handles if necessary. The cups have a transparent, shiny glaze on the inside and the horns have my beautiful homemade matt green glaze. The external surface was left unglazed to highlight the structure and properties of the ceramic. They are reminiscent of nature - like a piece from the forest.

Height: approx. 6 cm (with horns 8.5 cm)
Width: approx. 6 cm (with horns 10 cm)
Capacity: approx. 60-70 ml with space to the edge
Microwave- and dishwasher-safe (but be careful with the horns when putting them in the dishwasher!)

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