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Large ceramic mug with hand-painted with oriental patterns


These are beautiful large wheelthrown mugs made of stoneware clay. They have a nice round bellied form for a comfortable grip in your hands. The patterns are inspired by moroccan designs are hand-drawn by me. It is glazed on the outside with my dynamic turquoise glaze. Choose from a white or black pattern design.

Height: ~ 11.5 cm
Diameter: ~ 7.5 cm / 13 cm with handle
Holds up to 400 ml / 13.5 fl oz
Food- & dishwasher-safe

All the pots are made with love and care — each piece is thrown on the potter's wheel, hand drawn with creative inspiration, glazed with various techniques and fired twice with temperatures to 1240°C. The elaborate process ensures high quality in workmanship and provides for very special artwork. Each cup, with their individual design, brings joy with every use. Great focus was also placed in their functional design: the cups are sturdy, have handles easy to hold and they sit comfortably in your hands.

Only food-grade glazes and high-quality stoneware clay are us

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