Welcome to my Webshop. Everything here is handmade by me in small, fine series. For more selection, please visit me at my markets or my store in Ermengerst.

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Porcelain Jewelry Dangling Earrings | turquoise white


These dangling earrings are handmade from porcelain and decorated with turquoise and white glazes. The wire work from silver-plated parts and the real silver ear hooks are also completely handmade by me. Modern ceramic earrings, they are beautiful for every occasion.

Complete length (earwires + porcelain piece): 40 mm
Earwires: 935 silver, nickel free

All my porcelain jewelry are made with tremendous care, every tiny piece have been cut, flattened and have its edges gently smoothened by my fingers. They each have their special place in my kiln as they are fired alongside with my other ceramics. As with all handmade pieces, minor irregularities are not considered flaws but add to the beauty of this handmade jewelry.

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