Welcome to my Webshop. Everything here is handmade by me in small, fine series. For more selection, please visit me at my markets or my store in Ermengerst.

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Stoneware Cup with Concentric Circles


This is a handmade cup with circle patterns drawn on the surface. The cup's outer body has matt green tones (from my own creation) and inside is glazed with a beautiful turquoise-blue glaze with white speckles.

Height: ~ 9 cm
Diameter: ~ 9 cm
Holds up to 280 ml / 9.5 fl oz
Food- & dishwasher-safe

✼ Leela Kunst Ceramics | Beautiful, Colorful, Unique — Take a look at how my ceramics are made in this short clip: https://youtu.be/BOT6qEXW6ro

Only food-grade glazes and high-quality stoneware clay are used. Ceramics made with this type of clay are durable and strong, allowing them to go into the dishwasher and microwave. Please note that because my pots are handmade, slight variations in colors, patterns and dimensions may occur and are not considered faults, as each piece is individually handcrafted.

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